I am a bahamian born to bahamian parents. I am often amazed that the impression that most people have of the Bahamas is limited to Nassau.

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas, but it is not all there is to this beautiful country. In fact it could be said that Nassau is so influenced by outside business that the bahamian culture and way of life are lost in the noise! Many visitors to Nassau go from the airport to the resort where they will spend their vacation never to leave the property. This is a bit of a shame!

There are also other islands on which the bahamian way of life still goes on. It may take a little extra effort to set foot on one of these islands, but your effort will be rewarded by what you discover. The people of the islands are generally extremely friendly and helpful. Each island also has it’s own personality in the way of cultural practices and ways of doing life.

There are small places to stay on most of these islands which exposes a visitor to local people. This exposure is well loved by folks who each year find their way back to the islands to escape the rat race. I have been told by several people that they’d prefer that the islands remain undiscovered so as to not spoil them. I on the other hand would like to introduce them to you. Come see the Bahamas from a different point of view.

I will attempt to gather as much information on each island as I can in hopes that more people will discover these gems. Learn to know the bahamian people and how they do life in the islands known as the “family islands” to us bahamians.

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