Life’s a Beach

In the Bahamas it can be said that life is a “beach.” Some of my favourite memories growing up were in the summer vacation. We would all meet at a friends house pretty early in the morning in anticipation of what we may do for the day. There were always those in the group who […]

Golf In The Bahamas

Some of us simply can’t think of going somewhere so savage as to not have at least one Golf Course. So what about the Bahamas? Let’s face it, some of the bahamian islands are a little behind the eight ball on this one. But some boast really nice courses that call for your tee time. […]

East Villa Restaurant

The East Villa Restaurant is a bit of a walk from Paradise Island. It can be done! If you are not up for the walk, it is one of the Restaurants that is a must in Nassau. So get a Cab. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Nassau. Not only is the food […]

Double Dragon Restaurant

The Double Dragon is another restaurant within easy walking distance of any of the hotels on Paradise Island. To get to the Double Dragon Restaurant walk over the bridge with traffic leaving the island. Once on top of the bridge you should be able to see the Double Dragon off to the left. It is a white […]

The Green Parrot Restaurant

The Green Parrot is a great option for lunch when staying on Paradise Island. It is a pretty easy walk from any of the hotels on Paradise Island. The food is good and economical. The Green Parrot is an outdoor restaurant on the harbour, great for a relaxed meal and a local beer. To get […]

Paradise Island, Port Side Cafe

Paradise Island is a stunning island. The beaches are both gorgeous and great for swimming. There are times of year when the waters can get a bit on the rough side, mostly getting toward the end of the hurricane season. I can remember riding my bicycle with great excitement in the end of August-beginning of […]