Many of us are of necessity connected to some kind of communications device, be it a cell phone, tablet or computer. In fact some of us cannot be disconnected for long periods of time because of our professions.

The big questions are, can I get online? Can I use my cell phone? Yes to both, but here are some points that you may need to take into consideration.

Cell Phone Usage

The great news is some of the major cell phone carriers that use a GSM based system will work in the Bahamas. The bad news is the cost of Roaming in the Bahamas is off the charts. This includes when your phone is on but not in use if you have your data enabled. Your system will poll the network resulting in charges. It is best to leave the phone off.

How then can calls be made? Most of us have tablets and some form of communications software installed. Those will work really well from any hotspot.

If you are staying in Nassau for a longer period of time and have a need for cell phone access, you do have an option. Purchase an unlocked GSM cell phone from you favourite online retailer and take it along with you to Nassau. There is a BTC Store on Bay Street that will have a GSM card to get you connected. This will give you a local bahamian number and international calls will be much less costly.


Nassau is absolutely covered by wifi! You should have no problem connecting in restaurants, and cafe’s, most of which offer free connection to their networks.

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