The Generation Gap

The Generation Gap to me is a take on a traditional diner type restaurant. They serve good food cheap, and in large amounts. It is also a good place to sample traditional Bahamian food. The Peas-n-Rice is like my grandma used to make. There are quite a few other Bahamian specialties on the menu as well. I would suggest the cracked conch!

The Generation Gap is a dine in or take out kind of place. I don’t really like the dining room because it is kind of closed in feeling. The entrance of the restaurant has a few tables and a traditional eat-at counter that you’d expect at a diner. It’s fun sitting here in the morning eating breakfast while listening to the locals banter on about whatever is on their minds that day.

The deserts served here are pretty good. Careful though, the portion may induce diabetes. Most of the desert menu consists of cold no bake type deserts with the occasional cake as seen in the above photo.

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Shipyard Restaurant and Bar

The shipyard is one of the newest restaurants on Spanish Wells. This is a more upscale restaurant bent on changing it up from the fried food, local type food that has traditionally been served at the local restaurants.

The View

The View is definitely gourmet! I enjoy simply sitting on the deck, the food is a definite added bonus. On my first day on Spanish Wells we ordered the Smoked Fish dip, and a few beers. As we slowly consumed the food and drink I could not help being drawn to the sea, a mere 6 feet from where I sat. The swaying palms seemed to sing a sweet song of enchantment that would not permit us to leave.

The Menu

Is a bit more pricy than the other restaurants on Spanish Wells but it is definitely good for at least one visit during the stay.

Shipyard Menu


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Salt and Peppa’s Spanish Wells Dive

The Restaurant

Is mainly a take away, but has seating in the rear under a tent. They serve true Bahamian food and as a result it is Salt and Peppa Restaurant, Spanish Wellswhere the locals grab a bite on the run.

Virginia Parks is the owner operator of Salt and Peppa’s. She has a passion for good food and it shows in the food she serves through her window. Virginia calls Salt and Peppa a “Dive.” I must say this dive serves great food. For sure it is not your everyday restaurant. These kinds of places do attract me, I must say.

Another delight served at this small restaurant is the fresh “limeaid” which is lemon aid made from local limes. Limeaid is really refreshing and a personal weakness of mine. When you buy a “limeaid” keep your cup, they do refills at a reduced price.

Salt and Peppa MenuEverything I tried on the menu during my stay, I would order again. There are not too many place I’ve been that I could say that about.

Enjoy and say Hi to Virginia from bahamabook!

Budda’s Snack Shack

Budda’s Snack Shack and Liquor Store is a local outdoor, family friendly restaurant and bar. Bahamabook was told that Friday nights this is a happening place. The place to go to meet the locals.

The menu at Budda’s includes Bahamian food, American food and some Chinese. Prices are reasonable between $7.00 and $20.00 per entree.

The Feel

Budda’s just feels comfortable, like the kick off your shoes and prop your feet up comfortable. A family can sit and relax while the kids do what kids do, and the adults can sit at the bar if they wish to hob nob with the locals. The locals are a friendly but at first reserved group. One they get to know you a bit they are warm and engaging, fun to talk with.

Budda’s started the restaurant as a food truck in a customized school bus. To this day the kitchen is run from the school bus.

Budda's Snack Shack