Located on the island of New Providence. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas.

Established around 1670 as a commercial port. The large natural harbour offered good shelter to ships. Nassau was quickly overrun by privateers who later became known as pirates. These men used Nassau as a base for attacking gold laden ships on the way back to Spain from South and Central America. Nassau was destroyed twice—once by Spanish troops, the other time by French and Spanish navies.

By 1718, the King of England appointed Woodes Rogers to serve as the Royal Governor. His job was to restore order. Which he did with a heavy hand. The fortification of Nassau was mostly built during this time, most of which still stands.

Nassau is now a bustling city with lots of goings on. There are many things for a visitor to Nassau to enjoy. There is some history with standing forts and a few museums. Nassau offers great beaching with stunning weather almost year round. I was told once be a friend who had lived in multiple countries that “the Bahamas is the one place that almost always looks like the postcards.” Fishing is also good around Nassau. There are fishing charters available mostly at the Marina on Paradise island. There are 3 golf courses on the island, Paradise Island Golf Course, Cable Beach Golf Course (currently being upgraded), and South Ocean Beach Golf Course.

After the sun goes down, Nassau does not sleep with it. There are many Clubs to dance the night away, and of course Casinos with all manner of gaming, bright lights, and noisy slot machines.

Food is another seldom mentioned gem in Nassau. There are restaurants ranging from Dives to Formal Gourmet. Foods ranging from all over the world, but one would be amiss to overlook the local bahamian food.

Nassau is easily reached by air since there is much competition between many airlines. Many visitors arrive by Cruise Ship, but in my oppinon there is not enough time to see Nassau in a day.

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