Eleuthera meaning Freedom was settled by persons looking for freedom from religious persecution. They believed they had found their freedom upon landing on Eleuthera and so the name was given. There is one thing for certain. To be on Eleuthera is to experience FREEDOM. The island is relaxed and it feels as if time and the modern world has left it alone, undisturbed.

The original settlement was on the extreme Northern end of the Island at a place know as Preachers Cave. Preachers Cave is said to be where they held their first church services from the natural pulpit located in the caverns centre.

Eleuthera is just over 100 miles in length, but only two miles at it’s widest point.

There are three international airports on the island North Eleuthera in the North, Governor’s Harbour about central to the Island, and Rock Sound in the South.

There are no large hotels on Eleuthera. Harbour Island in the North is home to quite a few boutique hotels and rental properties. The rest of the island has small hotels and rentals that can be found from one end to the other of the island.

The best way to enjoy the island is to rent a home, rent a car, and try your best to find all the beaches!

Fly fishing is superb and can be done from a rental car. Eleuthera has been called by some the DIY Bone Fishing capital of the world.

The Beach on Harbour island is world known as the Pink Sand beach. It has also been voted one of the best beaches in the world. That being said, pink sand is not uncommon on many of the beaches that Line the eastern coast. I’d also venture to say that there are prettier beaches on the Eleutheran mainland.

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