Cruise Ship Passengers in Nassau Free E-book

So you’re going on a cruise and one of the stops is Nassau. What do cruise ship passengers do in Nassau?

The question is, as always, do we do the tours offered on the ship, or do we do our own thing and really see Nassau? The problem generally with going doing our own thing is knowing where to go or what is available to do. I am confident that bahamabook can give you the information needed to have a successful, independent day in Nassau.

The city of Nassau is very old so most of the significant sites are concentrated around the harbour. In the past people walked everywhere so the city of old Nassau is all reachable by foot.

There are taxi drivers who are very knowledgeable about Nassau and all the spots that are of interest. They will be excited to share the island with you. A couple of them are listed in the free e-book.

Within a mile of the port one can walk to and from most of the historical sites of Nassau, see the only zoo in the Bahamas, enjoy true bahamian food, and swim in the amazing waters of the Bahamas.

There are a few restaurants close by that serve good ol bahamian food. These restaurants cater more to local people. As a result the food is more affordable and will give a great idea of the food culture of the Bahamas.

We have prepared a guide in the form of a free e-book for those of you that would like to go “do your own thing.” The guide is in the epub format and once downloaded it should appear in the library of your e-reader. It includes all the information you need to really enjoy Nassau. Please download your copy by clicking on Nassau Guide below.

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Nassau Guide (zip epub file)

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