Cabbage Beach

beach framed cedarCabbage Beach

The beach that runs along the Northern coast of Paradise Island. As you can see in the photo at the left Cabbage Beach is a beautiful white sand beach. The sand is very loose and so almost impossible to drive any kind of vehicle on.

Seeing this view always manages to take my breath away, it never gets old. As you can see the beach is not over crowded. The first time I saw a beach with people strewn on every square inch I almost could not believe my eyes. We do not have overcrowded beaches in the Bahamas!

Beach Details

As noted already the sand is very loose. It doesn’t do well for sand castle building. The extreme ends of the beach are very good for young children. The ends of the beach are shallow for a good ways out. The middle part of the beach can be a bit unnerving for young children as the water gains dept very quickly.

There are a few cabana type structures in front of the Atlantis resort, but for the most part there is not much protection from the sun. Plan for this. We locals tend to swim on this beach early morning or evening time. The midday sun is brutal on Cabbage Beach.

The sun on any beach in the Bahamas can be unforgiving due to the reflective properties of both the water and sand. Be sure to use sun block and drink lots of water.

Mos of the year the water is calm and clear. There are a few times of year when it can get a bit rough. the end of the summer tends to bring in large swells that can make swimming here very difficult if not impossible. About the same period there can be sea thimbles as well. These are small jelly fish that sting. At times late spring can be a bit choppy too. There may be pretty high winds that stir up the sea.

Happy Swimming!

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