Bahamas Wireless Connectivity Explained

Modern technology is not only affecting our daily lives at home. It is also affecting the way we travel. Not too long ago one went on vacation while vernon at home wondered how the vacation was going, and if every one was safe and healthy.

Photos and live video can also be shared to your social media, letting family back home share in your vacation.

Now in any modern country there is no need to be disconnected from home.

Unlocked GSM Cell Phones

One simply needs to own an unlocked GSM phone. On arriving in the Bahamas for a few bucks one can obtain a local Bahamian number with voice access to the USA and Europe with out roaming costs.

In the video we talked about the iPhone, but in reality any GSM phone should work fine. If you would purchase a phone for this use, then I would suggest purchasing a quad band phone.

The following video pretty much goes through the whole process.

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