Winding Bay

Winding Bay is the perfect get-a-way kind of place. There are few beach goers besides the local bird population. It’s one of those kinds of places that causes the rest of the world to melt into insignificance.

A car is a must when staying in Winding Bay. I’d be willing to bet that when you make your reservations you can get the best info on who to rent a car from. If you’re in the mood to explore, I’d try to get an SUV type vehicle if possible.

The Beach

Is on the east side of the island of Eleuthera. It is a pretty deep cove that is protected from the surf by a barrier reef at it’s entrance. Even on days when the Atlantic is raging the waters of this cove remain relatively still. Toward the southern end of the beach is the remnants of an old canal that went through to a pretty large lagoon. The lagoon is easily reachable by kayak which are supplied by most of the rental homes on the beach.

Places To Stay

There are several rental homes on the beach. Many of them are designed for multiple couples to stay with all rooms being master suites. Click here

Shopping and Restaurants

This gorgeous beach is a little on the remote side, but not too far from Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound. Both villages offer pretty decent grocery shopping and a few local restaurants.

On Front Street in Tarpum Bay there is a young lady making a local delicacy called “Conch Salad.” Which is said by the locals to have many healthy benefits. It is very tasty! Be sure to let the young lady know of your preference for heat (the spicy kind), and she will make the Conch Salad to your preference.

Berthas Go Go Ribs is another stop you’ll need to make if you enjoy barbecue. The rids are smoked over a local hardwood and are served with Bahamian side dishes. Berthas is located on the hill entering Tarpum Bay from the south or Winding Bay direction.

In Rock Sound Sammy’s place is a local staple. Located in the center of the village it draws a lot of local foot traffic. It’s also one of the places folks from the north of Eleuthera will stop to eat if they are “down south” for business.

Things to do

The noonday sun here in the Bahamas can be a bit brutal, so midday makes a good time to get off the beach to do something else.

In Rock Sound there are two Blue Holes. The one called Ocean Hole, located dead center of Rock Sound is the local swimming hole. It is also a fun place to take some stale bread to feed to the fish in the Blue Hole. The fish are so used to being fed in this way that they gather round the steps as soon as your feet hit the steps. They feed quite aggressively and is fun to watch. It is not permitted to fish in Ocean Hole. The other Blue Hole is located on the southern end of Rock Sound. It is called Boiling Hole by the locals, probably due to the bubbles constantly breaking the surface of the water. The tidal flow in and out of this Blue Hole are not sufficient to keep the water from stagnating, which is probably the cause of the bubbling water.

Winding Bay is tailor made for fly fishermen. While your travel companions are busy with the beach, grab your fly rod and go for a walk. There are Bones that run the bay and offer good opportunities for a cast. There are also predatory fish such a Jack that have the habit of forcing bait fish toward the beach while feeding on them. Back toward the lagoon mentioned earlier, there is a kind of back water place where a pretty large shoal of Bonefish run. There are some monsters in that group. Fishing from the kayak around the reef at the entrance of the cove is also exciting. Pulling a rattle bait behind the Kayak will get you some strikes from the predatory fish around that reef.

Doing nothing is also another good option. It is not at all hard to just relax and accept the beauty of this idyllic cove.

Getting to Winding Bay

The best way to get here  is by air. The Airport code at Rock Sound is RSD. The most efficient way to get here is to book through the Bahamasair booking system. Here

Ten Bay

Eleuthera while being a stunning island with beaches unmatched in beauty. Most of the island consists of small villages that don’t offer all that one needs. Most of the villages seem to have been left by time itself and much of the island can be remote.

The remote nature of Eleuthera almost requires the rental of a vehicle. Ten Bay is one of these remote locations. Ten Bay is located I’d say about 3 miles from the nearest village. It is also one of the few places on the island where a good beach can be found on the west side of the island.

I suppose if I were to spend less than 4 days in this location I would have no need of a vehicle. I’d arrange for a taxi to take me there, and retrieve me at the end of my stay. On the way to the cottage I’d have em take me by a grocery store and perhaps a Liquor store to gather supplies.

For a stay of longer that 4 days I think I’d need a car. This would open up many opportunities for exploration. Most of the Best beaches on the island are located on the east side of the island. You will need to ask the locals how to access these beaches. The locals (Eleutherans) are usually friendly and warm, always ready to talk. You will be rewarded finding beaches that for the most part will be deserted except for you and your company.

There are a variety of restaurants on Eleuthera. Restaurants range from being roadside holes in the wall to more formal type eateries. If you are in the mood to try what the locals like, the bakery in Governor’s Harbour offers a pastry called a Hot Patty. It is a meat filled pasty with it’s origins in Jamaica. It’s a bit spicy but very tasty. In Rock Sound the Liquor Store in the Market place sells them as well. I suggest a Hot Patty or two and a cold High Rock which is a local beer. On Tarpum Bay is a place called Bertha’s Go Go Ribs. They make pretty good ribs that are accompanied with the local Peas-n-rice.

While there you have to try Conch Salad. Roadside stands scattered around make the salad to order. It is the Bahamian version of Ceviche and very tasty. Just ask the vendor about the benefits of eating conch.

Getting to Ten Bay you can fly into the Rock Sound airport (RSD) or the Governor’s Harbour airport (GHB). The Rock Sound airport is the closer to Ten Bay. Good shopping is also available at the Rock Sound Market Place.

Rental Cars are available Click Here.

Rental Homes Here.

Disconnect In Eleuthera


Need a break but can’t really disconnect? Want to get your kids off the couch and out of doors without a fight? Eleuthera is the perfect place to disconnect. Sun, sand, and crystal clear sea will draw the kids out side and away from the electronics.



Is a great choice of a get-a-way. It is easy to get to. It is not overrun by people. It is gorgeous. The beaches of Eleuthera are consistently voted among the best in the world.  Not only are the beaches

North Side Beach on Eleuthera, Bahamas.
North Side Beach on Eleuthera, Bahamas.

outstanding, you may see one or two other beach goers in a day. A beach feels crowded if there are more than 10 people on it!


The best way hands down to take advantage of Eleuthera is to rent a beach front home. There are a number of homes that have been purpose built as vacation rentals. Many of them are built with on suit rooms so that couples or families can share a house for the week while keeping privacy. The homes are generally designed around large living rooms and kitchens to make passing what little time you will spend indoors in comfort. Click here for Vacation Homes.

Things To Bring

Normally there is a list of fishing gear etc., but I am going to give a few tips that you may not get elsewhere but will definitely improve the vacation experience on the island.

Meat is probably the most difficult thing to buy on the island. I would suggest that you take any beef, chicken or pork that you intend to consume while on here. Most experienced Eleuthera travelers will buy and freeze the meat they intend to eat while here. Buy a 30 quart cooler from your favorite home store and pack your meat in the cooler before going to the airport. Duck-tape the lid shut and keep the roll of tape in your carry on incase someone needs to look in the cooler. The cooler will come in handy while on the beach or driving around Eleuthera. Seafood is not something you want to bring, as there are places that you can get fresh fish daily, or you can catch your own.

The next thing that I definitely recommend is a bug repellant device Like the one pictured below. k2-_f5d4ac20-409d-4cc7-a747-4efa4af1302e.v1 The bugs on the island near and after sundown make life miserable out side. Pack the devise and the butane cartridges in your checked baggage. We will take this device and put it up wind or under a table we may be sitting around. These devices will clear out the bugs for twenty feet around them. Being on Eleuthera on cloudless nights is totally breath taking, not to be missed.