Ten Bay

Eleuthera while being a stunning island with beaches unmatched in beauty. Most of the island consists of small villages that don’t offer all that one needs. Most of the villages seem to have been left by time itself and much of the island can be remote.

The remote nature of Eleuthera almost requires the rental of a vehicle. Ten Bay is one of these remote locations. Ten Bay is located I’d say about 3 miles from the nearest village. It is also one of the few places on the island where a good beach can be found on the west side of the island.

I suppose if I were to spend less than 4 days in this location I would have no need of a vehicle. I’d arrange for a taxi to take me there, and retrieve me at the end of my stay. On the way to the cottage I’d have em take me by a grocery store and perhaps a Liquor store to gather supplies.

For a stay of longer that 4 days I think I’d need a car. This would open up many opportunities for exploration. Most of the Best beaches on the island are located on the east side of the island. You will need to ask the locals how to access these beaches. The locals (Eleutherans) are usually friendly and warm, always ready to talk. You will be rewarded finding beaches that for the most part will be deserted except for you and your company.

There are a variety of restaurants on Eleuthera. Restaurants range from being roadside holes in the wall to more formal type eateries. If you are in the mood to try what the locals like, the bakery in Governor’s Harbour offers a pastry called a Hot Patty. It is a meat filled pasty with it’s origins in Jamaica. It’s a bit spicy but very tasty. In Rock Sound the Liquor Store in the Market place sells them as well. I suggest a Hot Patty or two and a cold High Rock which is a local beer. On Tarpum Bay is a place called Bertha’s Go Go Ribs. They make pretty good ribs that are accompanied with the local Peas-n-rice.

While there you have to try Conch Salad. Roadside stands scattered around make the salad to order. It is the Bahamian version of Ceviche and very tasty. Just ask the vendor about the benefits of eating conch.

Getting to Ten Bay you can fly into the Rock Sound airport (RSD) or the Governor’s Harbour airport (GHB). The Rock Sound airport is the closer to Ten Bay. Good shopping is also available at the Rock Sound Market Place.

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