Airlifts from eight US cities to boost tourism | The Tribune

GRAND Bahama is anticipating continued growth in visitor arrivals over the second quarter of 2015, with airlifts starting from eight US cities on May 21 and continuing to October 26.

Source: Airlifts from eight US cities to boost Grand Bahama tourism | The Tribune

One of the great challenges for visitors to the Bahamas has always been available flights to the Bahama Islands. This has been the cause of two challenges for potential vacationers.

The first challenge is the cost of flying in to the Bahamian islands has been kept high. Making it more attractive to vacation in other locations.

The second challenge has been the limited number of available seats, at times it is almost impossible to get a seat, much less an affordable seats. The added number of aircraft coming in to Freeport should have a great effect on cost effective travel to the Bahamas both raising the number of available seats and lowering cost of travel to the Bahamas at the same time.

Grand Bahama has so much to offer visitors, from casino gambling, to power white sand beaches, great scuba diving, golf… The list goes on and on.

The second challenge has as

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