Ocean Hole

Ocean Hole Was something that we totally took for granted growing up. It was simply the local swimming hole. Some of the local fishermen had put a few local fish in the hole, which do very well and have become themselves an attraction.  The come it seems to the sound of foot steps on the […]

Disconnect In Eleuthera

Disconnect Need a break but can’t really disconnect? Want to get your kids off the couch and out of doors without a fight? Eleuthera is the perfect place to disconnect. Sun, sand, and crystal clear sea will draw the kids out side and away from the electronics.   Eleuthera Is a great choice of a get-a-way. It […]

Blue Lagoon Island

Is one of my favorite places to take visiting friends. Nassau can seem like a lot of hustle and bustle, yet a short boat ride away all the world melts away to the beauty of Bahamian waters and beaches. Boat Ride Blue Lagoon Island operates a ferry from Paradise Island to the island. To be […]

Dive Bahamas for fun

  2015 Reader’s Choice Awards: Top 100 Gold List For the Top 100 Gold List, our readers voted on their favorite dive operators, liveaboards, dive bars, cheeseburgers in paradise and more, regardless of location. Results were determined by popular vote and ranked based on category. Source: 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards: Top 100 Gold List Here’s […]

Boutique hotel to open early 2015

The Holowesko family’s 30-room boutique hotel, under construction in western New Providence, is progressing smoothly towards an early 2015 opening, says project manager Lauren Holowesko. Source: Boutique hotel to open early 2015 Looking for a true getaway to the Bahamas. Intimate is the word. No large crowds competing for the good lounge chairs around the […]

Checkers Cafe, Local Bahamian Food

Bahamian food is such a diverse rich experience. It would be a real shame to visit the Bahamas and not experience the food of the locals. The unfortunate thing is that the main restaurants in Nassau do not pay tribute to the local palate. The fortunate thing is Checkers Cafe serves many local dishes the […]

Hundreds join in carnival parade | The Tribune

HUNDREDS of people lined the streets on Saturday to watch the Bahamas‘ first Junkanoo Carnival Road Fever parade. Source: Hundreds join in carnival parade | The Tribune Juncanoo Carnival is a new thing to the Bahamas. It is born amidst much local controversy, being greatly anticipated by some, and loathed by others crying cultural foul. […]

Airlifts from eight US cities to boost tourism | The Tribune

GRAND Bahama is anticipating continued growth in visitor arrivals over the second quarter of 2015, with airlifts starting from eight US cities on May 21 and continuing to October 26. Source: Airlifts from eight US cities to boost Grand Bahama tourism | The Tribune One of the great challenges for visitors to the Bahamas has […]

Peas n Rice Bahamian Food

Peas N Rice is to bahamians what potatoes are to most americans. A meal is not a meal with out peas n rice. Bahamian food is a fusion of many cultures and quite unique. Enjoy! Ingredients 1/2 lb bacon chopped 1 small onion chopped 1/2 green pepper chopped 2 stalks celery chopped 1 tsp black […]