Getting to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Spanish Wells is one of the best kept vacation secrets in the Bahamas. This video is a bunch of clips getting to the island from Harrisburg PA airport (mdt). The round trip ticket cost in the neighborhood of $450.00.

Winding Bay

Winding Bay is the perfect get-a-way kind of place. There are few beach goers besides the local bird population. It’s one of those kinds of places that causes the rest of the world to melt into insignificance. A car is a must when staying in Winding Bay. I’d be willing to bet that when you […]

Ten Bay

Eleuthera while being a stunning island with beaches unmatched in beauty. Most of the island consists of small villages that don’t offer all that one needs. Most of the villages seem to have been left by time itself and much of the island can be remote. The remote nature of Eleuthera almost requires the rental […]

Governor’s Harbour

Governor’s Harbour is another on of those places on the island of Eleuthera that one could possible do without driving. The settlement of Governor’s Harbour enjoys a long history and has been a major part of the growth of the Bahamas. The age of the town is obvious by the mix of sprawling colonials and […]

Harbour Island

Another Island stop that is both stunning and an easy place to vacation. There’s lots going on on this small island. Besides boasting one of the most incredible beaches in the world, there are a good number of boutique hotels, and vacation rentals available to meet most budgets. The island also gives itself to great […]

Spanish Wells

Quaint, beautiful, picturesque, just a few terms that come to mind as I consider Spanish Wells. It is a small island just off the northern tip of Eleuthera. Spanish Wells is approximately one square mile with a population just shy of 2000. The primary industry of the island is fishing, but there are many other […]

Coconut Tart

Crust Ingredients ¼ cup vegetable shortening ¼ cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder ¼ cup milk 1 ½ cups flour 3 tablespoons water Filling 3 cups fresh coconut, finely grated 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 teaspoons nutmeg Method Prepare the tart filling […]

Must Have Items for Eleuthera

While Eleuthera is incredibly beautiful and it’s people friendly, make no mistake it is also an adventure! Eleuthera is very rural as are most of it’s beaches. There are no amenities on most beaches, so you will need to provide them yourself. The first thing that I would suggest is having a cell phone with […]

Rock Sound Cave

The Cave at Rock Sound is located just outside of the settlement going south toward Green Castle. There is a white church building on the opposite side of the road so it’s easy to find. You will need to park along the side of the road. It used to be almost impossible to find, but […]