Eleuthera Fishing

One of my favourite ways to spend time on the island of Eleuthera is fishing. How ever you like to fish, it can be done on Eleuthera.

The island has quite a following of fly fisherman who frequent the island. The draw of Eleuthera for the fly fisherman is the fact that there are a number of great flats that can be reached by car. One needs only to google diy fly fishing eleuthera to discover how and where to cast a fly.

While fly fishing is great fun on Eleuthera, I also like to take a spinning rod and stop along the rocks on the eastern side of the island. I have had great fun with a cheep rattle lure about an inch long off the rocks. Cast the lure out and reel it in. I have caught Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks to name a few. This lure will do, get the blue one. I have also cast those lures at shoals of Jack charging the beach driving bait fist to the shore. What a blast!

There are charter boat captains too. They will be very happy to get you hooked up on what ever is running. There are times when the Exuma sound is so glutted with Mahi that one can just about walk from Eleuthera to Exuma! There are lots of bill fish too.

When the sun gets hot it’s always solo refreshing to slip into the gin clear, refreshing sea. After all people come to Eleuthera to vacation. The main thing is, Have Fun!

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