Beaches Overview

There are a few beaches on the Island of New Providence. Most of the beaches consist of the typical powdery white sand that the Bahamas is famous for.

The sea in the Bahamas is almost pool clear and the ocean temperatures vary from 73 – 85 degrees f.

Cabbage Beach

Located on Paradise Island. Cabbage Beach is about a mile and a half long. For most of the year it is calm and great for swimming. At the centre of the beach the water gets deep rather quickly so for young children or people not to comfortable swimming it is best to avoid the middle part of the beach and swim on either end.

More on Cabbage Beach.

Junkanoo Beach

Junkanoo Beach is sheltered inside the harbour entrance so it is almost always calm. Junkanoo Beach is also an easy walk from the cruise ship terminal on Bay Street. There are vendors of food and drink in Tiki Hut type places on the high side of the beach. There is also a volleyball net.

Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach is a favourite among bahamians. It is easy to get to and sheltered for easy swimming. Across the street are a few fast food restaurants, and a gas station that sells refreshments. There is a small park located at the western end of the beach and seating along the roadway.

Goodman’s Bay

Another bahamian favourite! There is a park between the road and the beach that attracts runners and others looking for a quiet place to workout. There is good parking at the eastern end of the beach.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a nice stretch of beach occupied by a few hotels. It is a few miles of powdery white sand, and almost always calm for swimming due to the barrier reef that runs along it’s length. There are generally water sports operators there for Para Sailing and other fun water activities.

Caves Beach

This is a beautiful small cove just off the side of the road. Bring your snorkelling gear. There are small coral reefs just off the beach. Usually calm and good for swimming. There is a lunch and open air bar across the street so it would be easy to make a day of it.

Orange Hill

White sand beach just over the dune from the main road. Parking is a bit dicy but the beach is good for swimming and possibly snorkelling.

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