Double Dragon Restaurant

Double Dragon Restaurant East Bay Street Nassau Bahamas
Double Dragon Restaurant East Bay Street Nassau Bahamas

The Double Dragon is another restaurant within easy walking distance of any of the hotels on Paradise Island.

To get to the Double Dragon Restaurant walk over the bridge with traffic leaving the island. Once on top of the bridge you should be able to see the Double Dragon off to the left. It is a white building with a parking lot in front of the restaurant.

The food is really good and priced for the locals. They do both dine in and take out. Double Dragon is open for lunch and supper Monday through Saturday, and open for supper on Sunday.

Entree items range in price from $9.00 to $12.00 for lunch and $13.00 to $28.00 for dinner. The take out menu is priced differently as well.

The Green Parrot Restaurant

The Green Parrot Restaurant
The Green Parrot Restaurant overlooking the harbour.

The Green Parrot is a great option for lunch when staying on Paradise Island. It is a pretty easy walk from any of the hotels on Paradise Island. The food is good and economical. The Green Parrot is an outdoor restaurant on the harbour, great for a relaxed meal and a local beer.

To get to the Green Parrot take the bridge that brings traffic onto Paradise Island. At the bottom of the bridge take a right and stay on the harbour side of the road. With in a couple hundred yards you’ll see the restaurant.

The Green Parrot is open from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.

The menu prices range from $15.00 to lobster at $36.00. The Green Parrot is also a bar, mixing your favourite tropical drinks or serving the local brew.

Paradise Island, Port Side Cafe

Paradise Island is a stunning island. The beaches are both gorgeous and great for swimming. There are times of year when the waters can get a bit on the rough side, mostly getting toward the end of the hurricane season. I can remember riding my bicycle with great excitement in the end of August-beginning of September going to Cabbage beach to “ride waves.” The rest of the year the waters are mostly calm.

One of the complaints that I’ve heard about staying on Paradise Island is “the food is really expensive.” This next series of short articles will help greatly with the expense of dining on or around Paradise Island. It will also help you to discover some of the local bahamian foods that we enjoy.

Obviously the main goal of any resort is to keep you on the resort grounds. There are several reasons for them to keep you there, the main one is the most obvious! They’d prefer to be the ones to provide you with all your needs while staying on the property. That is a nice gesture, but if you are like me at all, I like to experience the places I go the way the locals do.

Believe it or not just a short walk away from the resorts on Paradise Island there is a place that you can get a local breakfast for $3.00. While filling a basic need to eat, you’ll be able to enjoy a breakfast that a bahamian would typically eat.

The name of the Restaurant is Port Side Cafe. They are there mainly to serve the locals who work on Paradise island, but the food is local, good, and economical. A winning combination I’d say.

This gem of a restaurant/take out is located under the bridge as it comes onto Paradise Island. There is a marina there, as well as a few offices of tour companies. The Restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They also serve sandwiches and other dishes. The menu price ranges from $3.00 to $12.00.


Get Married In The Bahamas – Save Money and Stress

Getting married is one of the greatest decisions you’ll make in your life time! The day you make your vows to each other should be a day of joy and no stress at all.


Yes there almost always are problems. Perhaps we should call them challenges. The first challenging is that you will be bringing two separate and distinct families together Most likely neither side will see things the same and the “helpful input never stops.” Weddings can be costly! If you decide to arrange your own wedding it can be worse… generally because of all the “helpful input” from family. Money has a was of slipping away if you don’t have a tight budget in mind, and, after all you don’t want to do your greatest day as a couple on the cheap. The guest list never stops growing, adding to the budget, and the stress of who’s coming, where are they going to sit, who’s in the wedding party… on and on it goes.

We just watched our sister in law go through all of this, and I can’t express the sympathy I felt for her. Let me offer a great suggestion that can illuminate just about all of these problems… at the very least take away all the wedding planning stress. Guaranteed to cut the guest list to only those that really care about you as a couple.

The Solution

The solution is very simple! Yes even in such a complex matter there can be simplicity. Of course you can always elope, but I always say, elope in style. Do a destination wedding in the Bahamas. Get married in the Bahamas using one of the many professional wedding planning services available there. You can just focus on the day.

The Bahamas is very easy to get to and there are many options that can meet just about any budget. I know, I hear it all the time, “the Bahamas is an expensive destination.” Hog wash! Take a look at the amount of flights going into the Bahamas on a daily basis. Competition always works in favour of us the consumer. Air travel not your thing, what about a cruise? Yep cruise in and have your wedding arranged for when you arrive and complete your honey moon aboard the ship.

A destination planner can work with your budget, saving a good deal of money since they have a set budget to work with. Depending on your budget they can arrange for everything needed to make a good day, with photos and video to remember it by. You know that cousin who insists on taking you wedding photos and you don’t know how to tell them that their photos suck. Avoided!

Tell all your family and friends of your plans and date for getting married in the Bahamas. Your guest list will generate itself. Those who really love you will make it to the wedding, those who were looking to crash your reception won’t come. Easy solution!

There is no set, no clean up, no fuss. Show up say your vows and leave. That is eloping in style.

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Cruise Ship Passengers in Nassau Free E-book

So you’re going on a cruise and one of the stops is Nassau. What do cruise ship passengers do in Nassau?

The question is, as always, do we do the tours offered on the ship, or do we do our own thing and really see Nassau? The problem generally with going doing our own thing is knowing where to go or what is available to do. I am confident that bahamabook can give you the information needed to have a successful, independent day in Nassau.

The city of Nassau is very old so most of the significant sites are concentrated around the harbour. In the past people walked everywhere so the city of old Nassau is all reachable by foot.

There are taxi drivers who are very knowledgeable about Nassau and all the spots that are of interest. They will be excited to share the island with you. A couple of them are listed in the free e-book.

Within a mile of the port one can walk to and from most of the historical sites of Nassau, see the only zoo in the Bahamas, enjoy true bahamian food, and swim in the amazing waters of the Bahamas.

There are a few restaurants close by that serve good ol bahamian food. These restaurants cater more to local people. As a result the food is more affordable and will give a great idea of the food culture of the Bahamas.

We have prepared a guide in the form of a free e-book for those of you that would like to go “do your own thing.” The guide is in the epub format and once downloaded it should appear in the library of your e-reader. It includes all the information you need to really enjoy Nassau. Please download your copy by clicking on Nassau Guide below.

Click to download.

Nassau Guide (zip epub file)

Nassau Guide2 (epub book not compressed. Should work on most e-readers.)

Please leave a comment if the guide is helpful on your trip.